The National Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) is a five-year project working with eight sites that will implement evidence-based interventions or develop and test promising practices which if proven effective can be replicated or adapted in other child welfare jurisdictions. Effective interventions are expected to achieve long-term, stable permanence in adoptive and guardianship homes for waiting children as well as children and families after adoption or guardianship has been finalized.

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Bring “Ask about Adoption: What Teachers should Know about Adoption” to life!

Click here to watch a 10-minute video where Heather Forbes, LCSW discusses the importance of creating trauma informed schools. She also shares strategies that educators can employ to create a classroom culture that promotes a physically and psychologically safe environment that helps all children achieve academic success.
Ask About Adoption: Teachers Edition

Posted 6-21-18.

Time for a Quick Chat?

Join us for a QIChat! 30 minutes on July 18 at 3:00 p.m. (EST) is all it takes to learn about exciting work being done by the National Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) in the 8 partner sites. This QIChat will highlight the intervention that Wisconsin has implemented to support to children and families who have achieved permanence. Wisconsin will discuss lessons learned while implementing Adoption and Guardianship Enhanced Support (AGES); a voluntary program designed to support families who face escalating stress stemming from emerging issues. The interactive QIChat will provide an overview of the intervention and highlight adaptation, recruitment and retention efforts that Wisconsin has made to implement the intervention into their system. Come prepared to Chat as there will be plenty of time for Q and A. To register for the QIChat, click on the following link: https://cc.readytalk.com/r/nf69ntxz7c6e&eom. To learn more about the program, please read the Wisconsin Intervention Profile at Wisconsin.

New! Ask About Guardianship Fact Sheet for Social Service Providers

The QIC-AG has developed a new fact sheet as a part of our “Ask About” series. Ask About Guardianship is designed to help social service professionals to better serve guardianship families by providing insight into the dynamics of the family’s permanent relationships, factors that influenced decision-making in choosing the guardianship option, and how those decisions might affect the family’s current situation. The fact sheet provides concrete tips on how professionals can effectively support these children and families. It can also be used by guardians as a tool for engaging social service providers. Click on the link(s) below to download the PDF:
Posted 4-30-18.

Click on the link(s) below to download the PDF:

Ask About Guardianship

Ask About Adoption Fact Sheets for Teachers, Pediatric Health Providers, and Parents

The QIC-AG as developed two fact sheets about adoption tailored for 1) teachers and 2) pediatric health care providers. The fact sheets are designed to raise awareness about the unique needs of children who have been adopted, and to provide concrete tips on how these professionals can effectively work with these children. They can also be used by adoptive parents as tools for engaging their child’s teachers or health care providers. Click on the link(s) below to download the PDFs.

Ask About Adoption: Teachers edition

Ask About Adoption: Pediatric Health Care Providers edition