Intervention and Program Catalog


The QIC-AG Intervention and Program Catalog was developed by the National Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) as a tool for identifying evidence-based or evidence-informed programs and promising practices that can be used to address pre- and post-permanency needs of children in foster care. The Catalog contains over 100 programs and interventions that are or could be adapted to work with children transitioning to adoption or guardianship as well as children and families who have obtained permanence through adoption or guardianship. The Catalog itself is not an evidence-based review system, database, clearinghouse, or registry (i.e., an organized structure or system that reviews the research on interventions, evaluates the outcomes, and confirms the evidence base). Further, the inclusion of an intervention in the QIC-AG Intervention and Program Catalog does not constitute an endorsement, promotion, or approval of the intervention by QIC-AG or The Children’s Bureau.

Intervention and Program Catalog Information

Intervention and Program Profiles
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Additions to the Catalog

The QIC-AG is committed to continually refining the current intervention and program profiles and adding profiles as new interventions or programs are identified. Any person or organization may submit information that supports revisions to the intervention profiles or may submit information on an intervention to be considered for inclusion in the Catalog. Intervention developers, purveyors, and researchers are encouraged to submit information on their intervention or program.

To submit a  program, please download and complete the following form: Intervention Submission Form and email it to Please include articles and evaluations that support your information.

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